LRM provides a range of boutique services to the senior housing sector. We do this first and foremost with our love for seniors in mind. We also provide opportunities to participate in emerging untapped markets within the senior housing sector. LRM’s services include the following.

Supported Living and Small-Scale Senior Housing

LRM specializes in small-scale boutique senior housing. Rather than the traditional hotel-style communities, the supported living concept is small in scale and decentralized into neighborhoods. LRM has developed this structural concept and service model into Longhouse Memory Care™ and Longhouse Supported Living™. These facilities provide a superior quality of life both for the elderly client and the family members and are especially suitable for seniors in need of memory care and other heavy assisted living services.

Property Management Services

Many properties experience sub-standard performance due to inexperienced or poor management. This often leads to asset deterioration, a poor image in the marketplace, and a diminished quality of life for the residents.

LRM offers a full range of property management services, including employee services, accounts payable management, financial statement preparation, monthly reporting statements to owners and lenders, coordination of remodeling initiatives, asset protection, bridge management for sale of properties, and general business management.

Start-Up and Lease-up Services

Of the 15+ properties LRM and its principles have managed, 7 were start-ups. LRM has the experience and energy to acquire the Boarding Home License and bring a facility to market on time and on budget.

LRM’s start-up and lease-up services include financial projections and budgeting, coordination with DSHS on the Boarding Home License application, assembling and training all staff, coordination and design of advertising, and initiation and management of marketing campaigns.

Design and Development Services

The success of a facility is often decided before the first shovel of dirt leaves the ground. The site location, unit mix, service levels, and pricing must be supported by a thorough market analysis.

LRM’s design and development services include market studies to justify site location, price studies, suggested design elements for senior-friendly properties, coordination of architectural design, assistance assembling the bank package, and management of the Boarding Home Licensing application with DSHS.

LRM Improves

  • Expense control without sacrificing the quality of programs
  • Customer retention through service improvements
  • Occupancy based on sound marketing and sales programs
  • Employee satisfaction and longevity
  • Asset protection
  • Transparency of operations to owners and lenders through more complete reporting
  • Targeting of capital improvements to increase revenue
  • Education of the owners about best practices
  • Cash flow based on a combination of all the above

"The best fertilizer for the farm is the footsteps of the farmer."

Keith Fields -
Mr. Long’s grandfather

Sound Management for Senior Housing